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Art 54 Gallery
artist: George Schoepf


My name is George Schoepf and I was born in Switzerland, but fourteen years ago, I settled down in the city of Perth in Australia and since then have worked as an artist in this country.

I studied art at the Kunstschule Zuerich (Switzerland) and in 1993 in Australia, graduated in Art and Design at the Claremont School of Art, majoring in Painting.

My favourite way of artistic expression is painting, but I also make sculptures and produce computer art works. In painting, my preferred medium is acrylics but I also use mixed mediums. I call my style of painting 'semi abstract automatism'. Most of my paintings are landscapes which for some viewers may look like the combination of the human view and the birds-eye-view. On certain occasions, my paintings may give you a feeling of floating in the universe or perhaps being in a different dimension, without loosing contact with the real world. I have worked on my ideas for a long time but throughout my work I have chosen my colour combination intuitively.

I am always interested in exhibiting my paintings in Art Galleries and I will be grateful for any information on this matter. Please contact me via E-Mail.

Now I would like to ask you to view a small selection of my work. Your opinion will be much appreciated. If you live in Perth or live in the Eastern States or abroad, but intend to spend sometime in this Western Australian city, you are welcome to visit my studio. Please be so kind to contact me via E-Mail.


George Schoepf


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If you can read German please read my personal writings by clicking HERE.


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George Schoepf